New domain now live!

January 6, 2006

So, i’ve now bought a domain, i’ve set it up and it’s now live!

The link?

I’m going to buy as well, so you should be able to get to it from that soon! The old site ( is no longer going to be used, so please make sure you use the new one from now on, and sign up to the feeds in the new location! It’ll be going through some changes, but it’ll still be in use πŸ™‚

Enjoy πŸ™‚


More on Pride FC Shockwave

January 5, 2006

After my post the other day, has commented and pointed me to their thread here.

I was actually aware that the event had been cut thanks to John Griffin, but I wasnt aware of the full extent of the cuts.

It’s one thing when Japanese viewers who are getting an event free get a cut down version – at least they got to see highlights of most fights – but when paying viewers in the US don’t get to see what they paid for, i think thats pretty appauling. I really hope they get their act together for the next PPV. It also makes me angry as these fighters train for weeks and put everything into a fight and then it doesn’t even get seen by the majority of viewers!

I don’t know whether this regularally happens on Pride PPV’s – I would assume not – but it has only led to my opinion of Pride dropping further! Let’s hope they get it sorted for next time.
In the meantime – bring on the 4th February πŸ™‚

Buying hosting and a domain

January 5, 2006

After a few days of ummm-ing and ahhh-ing, i’ve finally decided to jump and bought a domain name and hosting package from SniffHost. Blogging isΒ  bit addictive when it looks as good as this!
I don’t know what they’re like as I dont know anyone who’s used them, but they were definately the best value at Β£15 for one year’s hosting including a domain name. I wont reveal my domain name yet, but its pretty good πŸ™‚

I’m also going to register the version of the domain I’ve got for completion! I’ve really started getting into this blogging lark, and I feel its about time I owned a domain name – what’s a computer scientist without one ey!?!

Initially, i’m just going to forward those domains to here while i set up my blog on my host. It’s going to look a little different, but i’ll still be using WordPress and the current theme. Once thats set up, i’ll import all my stuff from here over to there, and run my blog off my host.

So, if my blog goes quiet for a few days, its because i’m setting up my host (although i’ll probably still be tempted to post!)

Pride FC (Shockwave)

January 4, 2006

After saying that I defintely wasnt going to watch it, i ended up watching Pride last night, and all in all, i wasnt really that impressed.

In my mind, the best fight was the last fight of the night (Silva v Arona). In my mind Arona did the most work in that fight, but in the end he was robbed by a 2-1 judges decision.

Fedor v Zulu was amusing, purely beause of the way Fedor demolished Zulu! CroCop v Hunt was also a good fight to start with, but CroCop just seemed to lose interest in the final round, maybe when he realised that Hunt could just take whatever he could give! Hunt is a machine!

Anyways, being MMA, I did quite enjoy the event on the whole, but there is just something about Pride that I don’t like! I really wish i could say what it is, but I cant put my finger on it.

I got into MMA through the UFC, and maybe its the fact that in UFC you seem to learn a bit more of the back story to the fighters, and how they feel about each other etc. You really feel you can get behind the fighters due to the fact that you feel that you know them that little bit more! Having moved from a pro-wrestling addiction in the form of WWE onto MMA (although I’ve now started watching TNA, so am back to the wrestling), perhaps this insight into the back stories in UFC appeals to my pro-wrestling side, allowing me to gain an understanding with the fighters and actually care about the outcome of the match.

It probably also helps that having started watching UFC, I do know the fighters better, as I’ve seen them much more (whether it be on UFC PPV’s or on The Ultimate Fighter), and maybe this helps.
The only other thing i can think of is that the Octagon makes the event more exciting than having a generic ring? There is more space for the fighters to work in, and a barrier that they cant go through, but does this help the fight?! I really don’t know?!

Either way, I doubt you’ll find me raving about a Pride event on here in the same way you may hear about a UFC event, but you never know!
Finally, while I’m on MMA, if you havent already seen it, there is an amusing clip from K1 Figting of Heath Herring v Yoshihiro Nakao from last week on John Griffin’s blog. Deserved everything he got in my mind!!

Back to Work :(

January 3, 2006

Well, i’m back to Nottingham today as i start work tomorrow 😦 I do enjoy my job, but its still a drag to have to go back! Got crap loads to do on top of work too….
I’ve decided to apply to drama school, so i have the applications for that to do, and audition pieces to find. Not only that, i have a stag do to plan for my mate Jon and lines to learn for the G&S show! I dont begrudge any of it – in fact most of it I am looking forward to, but its still alot to have to do!

Guess i wont be catching up on all that tv for a while!!!

Bringing in the New Year

January 1, 2006

So, another year has passed, and it hasnt been a bad one! I’m enjoying my job (for which i beat 5 other people in an election to get), I got a 2:1 in my degree, I have a part on the G&S show, I have a fab girlfriend – everything is going well!

Saw in the new year at Emma’s house with a load of mates, and it was top stuff!

There’s a quite interesting article to bring in the new year on the BBC website – 100 things we didn’t know this time last year – i know alot of these type of things go around at this time of year, but its worth having a read through – there are some interesting (and shocking) things
in there!

My personal favorites are:
Number 2

Number 20
Number 36
Number 41
Number 52
Number 78

The Best TV This Year

December 31, 2005

Just read John’s post on his favorite TV this year, and thought i’d give my own opinions. All of these choices were very difficult to make as there has been some great TV this year!!

Best Newcomer
Prison Break – this show is the best show i have seen in a long time. Suspense, action, drama, and a thrill that keeps you coming back for more each week. Top Stuff!

Runners Up: Rome, Invasion

Best Sci-Fi
Smallville – Season 5 of Smallville has really been enjoyable. Smallville started as an average bit of fun for me, but it has really improved, and come out of its shell this year! Funny thing is, Tom Welling is now older than Brandon Routh who is playing the adult Superman in the new film!

Runners Up: Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica, Invasion, Lost, Hex, Doctor Who

Best Comedy
Joey – I never really followed Friends, but enjoyed the odd episode! However, when Joey started, I decided to follow it from the start. After a very shakey start (the first 8 or so episodes were, in all honesty, crap) Joey improved to become one of my favorite comedy’s from the last few years!

Runners Up: Extras, Stacked, The O.C.

Best Informative Show
MythBusters – humor and information all at the same time, busting or confirming Myths. What could be better?!

Runners Up: Top Gear, Egypt

Overall Winner of BEST TV SHOW of 2005
Prison Break – I just hope they can keep it going when (and if) they do actually escape!

So, there’s my rundown of 2005’s best TV! If you watched some of it, I hope you enjoyed it, if not, why not check them out next year!

Suiting up

December 30, 2005

So, as many as you will know, I’m best man for my mate Jon’s wedding in the summer, and we’re going to try on suits this morning! Although this isnt especially exciting in itself, i am really excited about being a best man! I’ll be able to die happy once it’s done πŸ™‚

Now to plan the stag do πŸ™‚

First post… again!

December 29, 2005

Hi all!

So, this is my first post of my all new blog! My old blog was an MSN space, which i never really bothered to update, however, i’m hoping that this one i’ll actually use…time will tell!

Anyways, if you want, (i personally wouldnt bother…), check out my old blog here!